Be immersed in history

The award-winning Fantasy Medieval Fair creates an immersive unique event the entire family can enjoy.

From the moment you enter the gates you’re greeted with pennant banners flapping in the breeze, surrounded by patrons and performers in costumes. You can wander the village square and purchase leather goods, cloaks and jewellery; watch blacksmiths work their forges; see artisans spinning yarn and weaving. In the distance you can hear the neighing of horses as they get ready for their jousting competition, against the clash of swords on armour in the combat arenas and the tinkling of lutes and pipes. Colourful flags catch your eye as maypole dancers weave their ribbons in dance, and the smell of roasting pig from an authentic viking village tempts your senses. Learn about the cultures of long ago; see food being prepared using ancient techniques; test your skill at long bow archery; try your hand at Dungeons & Dragons; and enjoy a mead or ale while listening to shanties at the Tavern. A truly unique event that will take you to a different time and place, packed with trader stalls, food & beverage stalls, activities to engage in and performances to watch.

Come for the day or come for the weekend, with plenty of pass options available. Costumes are not mandatory, but strongly encouraged with the option of fantasy and medieval. Let your imagination run wild.

Definition of medieval

1: of, relating to, or characteristic of the Middle Ages
medieval history
medieval architecture

A Medieval Fair is designed to celebrate all things Middle Ages, which is the period of European history from about a.d. 500 to about 1500. By bringing a Medieval Fair to Mount Gambier we are joining a long prestigious list of Fairs around Australia, and in particular a strong South Australian Medieval community.

What can you expect to see?

  • Historical reenactments, both comedic and very serious
  • Combat by skilled armoured fighters
  • Artisan demonstrations including weaving, spinning, leatherwork and more, from both local and travelling artists
  • Marketstalls offering wares of a medieval nature
  • Petting areas for kids
  • Long bow archery
  • Come and try Dungeons & Dragons tables
  • the Tavern tent for mead and ales
  • Photo opportunities including armour dressups

No pets allowed except service dogs.

The Team

Limestone Coast Festivals and Events Inc. are a team of dedicated volunteers who have worked on a variety of local events including Fringe Mount Gambier, the Fork and Cork festival, Colour Day and the NYE Festival. But we’re also medieval enthusiasts who love a bit of dress-up and some fine mead.

We also know a great opportunity for this city to have a novel event on it’s annual calendar that will not only inspire and entertain locals, but is also a drawcard for the many medieval fair travellers that attend these types of events all across the country.

If you would like to join us, please drop us a line at hello@fantasymedievalfair.com, and let us know what skills you could bring to the table.

ABN: 49112633790