Applications now open.

Applications for the 2023 fair are now open. Please download your Expression of Interest form here and send it through. Applications will be accepted based on appropriateness for the themes of Fantasy & Medieval. For inquiries please contact Tammy at

EXPRESSION OF INTEREST: Stallholders (including general wares & hospitality). PDF 730kb.

(Please note: reenactment groups and demonstrations/workshops etc will be issued a different expression of interest form, available now on the Entertainment page).

Stall tips

There are many cost effective ways to present your stall. Use plenty of plain white cotton bedsheets to form throws over your stall and your table, or a woolen blanket (without patterns and checks) can be used. Compliment these with colourful banners to promote your stall.
Lambswool or cowhide also look great to cover benches, but the benefit of a white sheet is that is can reach the ground and easily conceal any boxes of stock.

Sacks are also great for storage, and chests can both conceal goods and double as seating.

On your bench, consider putting your wares in wooden bowls and baskets, and always use paper bags. This will be a plastic-free event. This also applies to any cutlery, and there are plenty of wooden and bamboo alternatives.

Costume tips

In the middle ages men and women wore looser fitting tunics and dresses pulled in at the waist with a belt. There is no need for uncomfortable capes and layers if you’re aiming to be practical.

Women in particular always wore a headdress, which can be a light veil or a thick linen, and can be long or short and worn in a variety of ways including as you would wear a scarf over your head, or secured with a ringlet.

Need some storage space? Consider a drawstring pouch to hang off your belt where you can stow away your phone, cash and receipt book.

Finish the look with a long white apron, a hood or floppy felt hat for men, perhaps a brooch, some rings and a basket.